Short’s Funeral Chapel Services

Short’s Funeral Chapel has a variety of services available for residents of the Moscow area. We take pride in our knowledge and expertise of all aspects of planning a funeral, whether it be a traditional service, cremation or another method to best remember your loved one.

Traditional Services:
Short’s Funeral Chapel offers a diverse selection of traditional services, regardless of religion and personal beliefs. Our staff will meet with you to discuss ideas on how to best remember your loved one. We are able to accommodate many special requests, whether you choose memorials using music, video, photos or other forms of remembrance. A traditional service can be held in the chapel, a church or other facility with a burial to follow.

Cremation Services:
A variety of options are available when considering cremation. Short’s Funeral Chapel is able to meet many of these requests, ranging from a traditional service prior to cremation, to a memorial service after cremation. We also have a variety of urns available for purchase, so you may choose one to best fit your needs.

We encourage you to consider the option of pre-planning, to ensure you or your loved one’s final wishes are met. This can help ease the pain and stress on friends and family during a difficult time.

Please visit our Pre-Planning section to learn more about our services and to begin the planning process.