Pre-Planning Services From Short’s Funeral Chapel

Pre-planning a funeral service for yourself or a loved one will free your family and friends of making decisions during a difficult time in their life. Many families aren’t prepared for the experience after a loved one dies, and pre-planning would allow them to free their mind of these decisions and instead, use the time to celebrate a life. If you choose to pre-plan for yourself, it will allow you to have control over the final details of your life.

To ensure funeral services for you or a loved one are taken care of exactly how you envision, we encourage you to complete our pre-planning guide. There is no obligation upon completion. Pre-payment of funeral services is encouraged because it relieves loved ones of responsibility, but it is not required.

Our pre-planning form
is the simplest, quickest way to tell us about your funeral preferences.


However, if you would prefer to print a mail the form instead, you can use the link below. This will download a PDF file that you can save on your computer, print and return at your nearest convenience.

Download the Funeral Pre-planning Guide Form

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